Voice Lessons

At Music Plus, our voice lessons focus on many facets of vocal development like breathing, resonance, placement, articulation, volume control, phrasing, registers, vibrato, and the blending of “colors” to create various sounds. Contact us for more help in getting you started!

Do you like country?  Blues?  Classical?  Pop?  Theatre?  Explore a variety of styles or focus just on one in a quest to develop your best voice.


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Voice, Piano

Esther combines “over the top” positiveness with musical rigor to propel her students
toward their musical goals while attending to the needs of each learner.

With more than 35 years of experience singing, playing, and teaching, Esther gets to
know her students’ musicality, how they best learn, and how to teach themselves.
Esther is fluent in classical voice, theater performance, gospel singing and playing, and general pop standards.

Esther commits to the care and advancement of her students in pursuit of their goals with a uniquely personal, “people first” philosophy. Esther specializes first in voice then piano. She loves teaching students from the absolute beginner to the more advanced.

She believes in a foundation of classical technique allowing students to access any
musical genre while maintaining vocal health.

Education and Experience:

  • 35 years of performing experience as a soloist, featured musician, accompanist, ensemblemember and recording producer/artist.
  • Morning Star Baptist Church of Spokane, Director of Worship Arts.
  • Northwest Opera, founding member.
  • Spokane Symphony Chorale, member.
  • Holbrook Unified School District, Arizona, Piano studies pilot teacher.
  • Gonzaga University, B.A., Music Education, private study in voice, 10 years.

Kat Campbell

Violin, Flute, Piano, Guitar, Viola, Cello, Bass, Voice

Kat’s experience as a music therapist and symphony performer complements her nurturing yet instructive approach as she guides students in exploration and achievement.

Specializing in violin and flute, Kat has well-rounded musical ability evidenced by a growing list of instruments she feels comfortable teaching. Kat has a passion for helping students achieve their goals, overcome their personal challenges, and discover their strengths.

Knowing what it takes to be a professional music performer, Kat strives to pass that on to students and seeks to empower them with the ability to create music that speaks to them personally and helps represent their true selves to the larger community.

Kat’s background is primarily in classical music, traditional music, and theater though she has a broad understanding of many genres of music. 

Education and Experience:

  • University of the Pacific, CA, BA, Music Therapy.
  • Local performer: “Ham on Regal” band member, “Shriners” band member, “Fraternal Order of Eagles” concert band director/member.
  • Livermore/Amador Symphony, CA, violinist.
  • Stockton Symphony, CA, violinist.
  • Oakland Youth Symphony, CA, violinist.


Blank time slots in the calendar represent available lesson times. Please contact the instructor about times of interest or any questions you have at:


If you’d like help with choices or have general questions, please contact the desk at (509) 474-9849, or email us at music@spokanelessons.com.

Janice Wrhel Voice, Piano and Guitar

Janice Wrhel

Voice, Piano, Guitar

Janice combines an infectiously positive demeanor with broad industry experience to work “in step” with students towards musical and personal advancement.

With a background as a touring musician, educator, and recording artist; Janice leads her students on a journey of discovery and fun as they develop their personal musical character.  

From involvement with Paul Allen’s ” Experience Music Project” including a national tour for education and performance, musical curricula development and songwriting training, to studio recording artistry; Janice brings a wealth of insight to her instruction. Despite these accomplishments, Janice is “down to earth” approachable and always full of laughter. Though many of her vocal students pursue popular music, she begins with classical technique to protect and train the voice.

Janice’s musical tastes are diverse from Broadway to folk and everything in between. She gravitates towards rich and emotive vocal phrasing found in popular genres. 


  • Moran United Methodist Church, Spokane, Contemporary Worship Leader.
  • Presently involved in freelance studio recording work, multiple locations.
  • South by Southwest, Grammy Week, New Orleans Jazz Festival; speaker and seminar presenter.
  • Experience Music Project/ Paul Allen (Museum of Pop Culture) “Electric Bus National Tour”, Seattle.


Blank time slots in the calendar represent available lesson times. Please contact the instructor about times of interest or any questions you have at:


If you’d like help with choices or have general questions, please contact the desk at (509) 474-9849, or email us at music@spokanelessons.com.

Tyler Coulston Guitar and Ukulele

Tyler Coulston

Guitar, Ukulele

Tyler keys in on his students’ musical inspirations and incorporates that into an engaging systematic approach to develop skills while maintaining interest.

Tyler’s strength lies in helping students discover the joy of learning and playing music from the very first lesson. 

He takes care to find what music students are passionate about and builds his lessons upon that using a method he’s developed to walk them through important steps towards mastery. Tyler believes that learning songs that students are interested in is a segue into the necessary skills of music like reading, theory comprehension, proper technique, improvisation, memorization and song crafting. Tyler works with students to find artists they admire and can gain inspiration from as a foundation for learning.

Tyler is inspired by and performs many types of contemporary music from jazz to progressive rock, but is also well grounded in traditional standards and classical technique.

Education and Experience:

Eastern Washington University; BA: Music, English.

Los Angeles College of Music; Certificate in Solo Jazz Guitar.

Berklee Online; Professional Certificate in Jazz Guitar.

Spokane Falls Community College; Associate of Arts.

Performance experience throughout the Northwest with various groups and genres as well as regular recording session work.

Currently recording debut album of original work.

Connor Bennett

Guitar, Ukulele

Connor applies focused guitar study and performance experience to lead students in an exciting and dynamic environment for learning; designed to stimulate creativity, growth, technical development, and enrichment.

A voracious learner himself in subjects from music to physics, Connor pursued guitar privately with particular focus on lead rock guitar among capabilities in a range of musical styles like jazz and classical. This study, combined with performance experience in Spokane’s live music scene, enables Connor to help students define their own musical journey. He prepares students not only to learn their instrument but ultimately to perform for others. Connor’s friendly and insightful demeaner provides a conducive backdrop for students to explore what it means to play music.

Education and Experience:

Roy Jackson, private guitar study, 8 yrs, Spokane

Zola, The Boulevard, The Knitting Factory, The Big Dipper/Empyrean, band member-guitar, Spokane.

United States Army, enlisted service.

Gonzaga School of Professional Leadership Studies, Spokane.

Central Washington University; B.S, Professional Commercial Aviation, Minor; physics, math.

Kristen Schmidt Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, and Voice

Kristen Schmidt

Piano, Ukulele, Guitar, Vocals

Kristen’s caring and patient demeanor creates a comfortable environment for her students to explore and develop their personal journey into music and it’s meaning.

Kristen is a multi-instrumentalist and singer focusing on a positive and nurturing approach for her students.

She currently sings with her worship team at church as well as with other smaller ensembles and choirs. After studying music theory at Spokane falls community college and graduating from Moody Bible institute, Kristen has been teaching children for many years at Music Plus Learning Center and Deer Park School District’s “Homelink” program. 

Kristen’s passion lies in a warm and loving focus on her students. She caters her instruction style to fit student’s individual needs while striving to make the study of music fun and exciting.

Kristen’s instruction embraces a wide range of musical styles with particular focus on traditional melodies and sacred songs geared towards young learners.

Education and Experience:

  • Moody Bible Institute, Spokane; BA, General and Biblical Studies.
  • Spokane Falls Community College, music theory studies.
  • Deer Park School District, WA, Homelink Program; Instructor in Music and other subjects.
  • Worship team member in music.


Blank time slots in the calendar represent available lesson times. Please contact the instructor about times of interest or any questions you have at:


If you’d like help with choices or have general questions, please contact the desk at (509) 474-9849, or email us at music@spokanelessons.com.

Cole Peterson Guitar, Bass, Piano, and Voice

Cole Peterson

Guitar and relatives: bass, ukulele, mandolin, and banjo; Piano; Voice;  Composition and theory; Music production

Cole combines a thorough study of music and composition with mastery in multiple instruments to deliver a well rounded learning experience towards student enrichment and performance.

Cole is a multi-instrumentalist performer and teacher extraordinaire. He regularly performs on an array of instruments, including but not limited to guitar, bass, piano, and vocals. Cole’s passion lies in helping his students connect their music to real world opportunities for performance as well as providing deep study of theory, technique, and even the philosophy of music. Being a well-rounded musician with discipline, versatility, and a depth of knowledge, enables him as a professional musician. He passes this broad focus on to his students.

Cole is well versed in a myriad of musical genres and believes that something can be gained from exposure to all music. With a foundation in composition and traditional technique, he is drawn to mastery in arranging and many styles of music like modern folk, mainstream pop/rock, sacred music and jazz.

Education and Experience:

  • Whitworth University, BA, Music Composition.
  • Portland State University, graduate study in music
  • Audubon Park United Methodist Church, Spokane; Music Director.
  • Creators Table at The West Central Abbey, Spokane; Music Director
  • Justin James Band, Spokane; band member.
  • NBC’s ‘The Sing-Off’ – search for ‘Soul’d Out sing-off’ on YouTube; contestant.
  • Recording Artist, original altern Portland, OR based country bands.
  • ative and sacred music.
  • Portland, OR based country bands; Various touring engagements on the west coast.

Instagram: @colepetersonmusic (music related)

       @backofthebox_dg (disc golf related)