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Our policies are below.

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Our Policies

OUR GUARANTEE: We guarantee a positive experience at Music Plus! If dissatisfied with a lesson or event, let us know that day and any fees for that appointment will be refunded.

Our teachers operate independently and have their own unique policy details.

Below is an outline of general expectations and guidelines.

ATTENDANCE: It is the student’s responsibility to attend scheduled lessons. With advanced notice, some teachers offer make-ups on a limited basis. Please inquire about your teacher’s policy and limitations.
MAKING TUITION PAYMENTS: To reserve ongoing appointments, tuition must be paid in advance. Payments are made directly to your teacher in the form and frequency agreed upon with them.
NUMBER OF MONTHLY LESSONS: We take holidays in a way to provide 40 lessons for all lesson days over the 10 months of the school year and 8 lessons during July and August. Most of the time we achieve this precisely but if not, very closely. Any discrepancy will be reflected in billing. This means some 5-week and 3-week months mixed with the standard 4-week months. Please refer to your teacher’s tuition policies about accommodating this.
TEACHER ABSENCES: If an instructor is unavailable to teach your lesson and we are not able to provide a qualified substitute, we will credit or refund tuition for that appointment.
MUSIC PLUS HOLIDAYS: We are closed for major holidays and some school breaks. This usually includes: Winter break, Spring Break, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Thanksgiving. We are typically open on a President’s Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day because so many Mondays are missed with other holidays throughout the year. We also take a couple breaks in the summer near the 4th of July and before school starts. Please ask your teacher about summer attendance policies. We follow Mead School District’s snow closures. When Mead closes due to weather or other emergencies, Music Plus will be closed. Make-up lessons will be scheduled.
PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: Periodically, we share what’s happening at Music Plus with the broader community in an anonymous way. We like to involve you directly if we do so. Please inform your teacher about your preferences regarding this.